Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alex's Practical Joke

We had some friends over last night for a casual dinner, and someone brought soda. When I opened the fridge to grab the drinks I saw Alex had left me a note directing me to open the drink on the left first.

Knowing my devious practical joker so very well, I grabbed the one on the right instead, silently congratulating myself on my cleverness. 

Alas, I underestimated his deviousness (per usual). The one I opened exploded with flair! I can honestly say I have never seen a soda bottle explode with that much force. Luckily, I, having some nano-second internal warning of the future, and being the spry and lightening quick ninja that I am, sprang out of harms way without a drop on me.

He is a worthy opponent, to be sure. But, due to his need to stay close and watch the mayhem he knew was about to ensue, he was right in the path of the geyser and was the ONLY one who got drenched. 

Check mate. 

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