Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Fire

Alex and I saw Catching Fire this past week and it was AWESOME!!! As someone who hasn't read the books, I liked the first movie, Hunger Games, really well, but I LOVED the second movie, Catching Fire. To me it was much better. Since I've had the books for a couple years I ran home and started reading the third book immediately. Love, love, love!

We also saw the new Thor movie and it was better than expected. 

Is it just me or has there been a shortage of awesome movies for the last few years? It seems like maybe one or two a year strikes my fancy, whereas a few years ago we saw everything that came out and loved most of it. Now we usually wait for it to come out on DVD. There's just no enthusiasm for what's showing anymore. Maybe my tastes have matured or I'm just not as easily wowed as I used to be. But Alex is the same way, too. I asked if he wanted to go see the new Thor movie and he said, "Let's just wait for it to come to the Redbox." 

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