Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ethan's 5th Birthday Party

This past weekend Ethan celebrated his 5th birthday!

It was a great BBQ and fun afternoon with the kids, friends and Ethan's family.

Zack (dad) and Ethan

Desi, Ethan's amazing mom, made this cake. I knew she was good- but holy wow!

The cake lady- aka Desi / Mom of the birthday child.

Levi and Henriikka behind him.

Alex swinging a plastic bat- a dangerous combo- Ethan trying to not get pummeled it appears.

Zack again. He was also the grill master for the party.

Little Elijah on his trike zooming through all the legs and ankles that were his eye level. :-)

Ethan peeking and so excited to open presents...

Desiree and Henriikka 

Kamron, ahem, I mean. Mario. 

Ethan is buried in the chair while he opens presents. Just his feet can be seen. Too cute!

This is what Elijah would look like if he had to go on the lamb and change his appearance.

Mira, the family lab, slurping up rainwater from the kennel. 

Cake cutting time! Everyone who loves Mario had to crowd around to get a better look at the cake before it got sliced into- Desi (far left), Ethan, Alex, Henriikka, Erik. :-)

Levi in the splash pool!

I know Henriikka will thank me for this candid moment captured forever on the internet.

Alex and his cake. Why does he always seem to be off on his own when it's time to eat the cake? Maybe he's guarding it. It was good enough to defend, that's for sure.

Another party goer playing on the car slide.

Elijah sat at this spot eating cake with his cheeks bright red and full of food for a really long time. He was not stopping. That kid meant business. I had passing concerns that he might be closing in on a food coma but everyone seemed to treat this like normal behavior for him, lol. 

Tabitha and Draya, Kamron's mom and sister.

Alex and Ethan.

Alex and Desi.


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