Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting Ready for Winter Break

I admit I really look forward to Winter Break each year. While I do love all my students and kiddos, it is a needed time to rest and rejuvenate a bit. 

What I always plan to do and what I actually do during Winter Break are two different things. I plan to relax and sleep in every day (I aim for noon), frolic (yes, frolic) in the backyard and enjoy the clear night sky as I stargaze and breathe the cool crisp air. I have very romantic notions about my down time. But it almost never happens that way. 

What really happens is Karma makes sure I am awake by 8am no matter what so he can be let outside and eat breakfast. He does this by standing next to my bed near my head and silently (creepily?) watches me sleep, communicating to me with his doggie psychic powers until I become aware enough to open my eyes and acknowledge him. I occasionally pretend to be asleep in hopes he'll get discouraged and give up. Sometimes he does give up, and goes back to his bed (with a loud sigh for good measure), which only rewards and reinforces my behavior. 

Unlike Karma who seems to be able to go without food indefinitely without complaint (Who's a good doggie? Karma is!), the cats routinely declare a state of emergency if they've been away from a food source for more than a couple of hours. They express their disgruntlement by meowing loudly and banging the cabinet doors around 5am, making it more likely than not that I am already awake by the time Karma begins his one-sided staring contest. 

Then instead of being completely lazy as intended, I end up getting some wild hair to completely redo my whole house, starting with a crazed cleaning of everything, then move into grand schemes of building stuff, whereby I haul into my main living room loads of lumber, hardware, sandpaper, and an assortment of electric saws, drills and other power tools (because the garage is too messy to work in), and ending with rearranged furniture and even whole rooms. And the added bonus of being a procrastinator is that I start all these fun projects but wait until the day before the break is over to finish, leaving me up half the night rushing around the house and getting no sleep. So instead of being well rested after my break I'm a little insane and deeply overly tired. This happens every year. Without fail.

Also applies to ice that falls from the ice dispenser. It'll be fine.

This year I've started early. I already tackled both ceiling fans and air vents near the ceiling a couple weeks ago, took down the play farmers market with intentions of rebuilding it bigger and better, the pantry got decluttered and sorted last week, and I've moved on to ultra cleaning and hyper organizing my kitchen cabinets to satisfy my inner Stepford. We'll be moving the TV room to the front room- the former Kinder room that never quite gets used enough and is now in fact storing oodles of toys- and reinstating the craft room that will also once again serve the role as our dedicated meditation space. I also plan to remove every strand of pet hair in my home between now and the 21st. I am trying to keep my goals more realistic this year (clearly).

Happy Friday the 13th!


Monday, December 2, 2013


Ostara and Hecate lounging in the pack and play. This is where Oskar sleeps for his nap but since I moved it out to the main room the cats find it very inviting when he isn't occupying it, and sometimes even when he is. :-)

I wish I had thought to use something like this when the kittens were born, it would have been perfect. The cats love it and I don't mind them using it. It just means I have to wash Oskar's blankets every day, but since I do eleventy-three loads of laundry every week it's hardly any extra work.

Things are much quieter and mostly back to normal now that all the kittens have been adopted. The cats are still on kitten food but I see that Ostara at least is finally putting on some weight again. Now I can slowly move them back to regular cat food. After their babies were born both mama's got so skinny as they used all their calories caring for their babies and nursing them. They had unlimited food and it was kept out 24/7 but they just burned everything off. Now they aren't as active since they aren't herding kittens anymore, and while they will always be slim cats, that is just their breed, I'm glad to see Ostara getting a little weight on her. Hecate is, too, just not as much. But that is how it was before they got pregnant. Even though they are sisters, Ostara was always the bigger one.  

Most importantly- I can finally remember what it was like to breathe and smell again! It's not all back, I am still allergic to the cats and dog, but with ten fewer cats in our house the difference is night and day. 

Catching Fire

Alex and I saw Catching Fire this past week and it was AWESOME!!! As someone who hasn't read the books, I liked the first movie, Hunger Games, really well, but I LOVED the second movie, Catching Fire. To me it was much better. Since I've had the books for a couple years I ran home and started reading the third book immediately. Love, love, love!

We also saw the new Thor movie and it was better than expected. 

Is it just me or has there been a shortage of awesome movies for the last few years? It seems like maybe one or two a year strikes my fancy, whereas a few years ago we saw everything that came out and loved most of it. Now we usually wait for it to come out on DVD. There's just no enthusiasm for what's showing anymore. Maybe my tastes have matured or I'm just not as easily wowed as I used to be. But Alex is the same way, too. I asked if he wanted to go see the new Thor movie and he said, "Let's just wait for it to come to the Redbox."