Monday, December 2, 2013


Ostara and Hecate lounging in the pack and play. This is where Oskar sleeps for his nap but since I moved it out to the main room the cats find it very inviting when he isn't occupying it, and sometimes even when he is. :-)

I wish I had thought to use something like this when the kittens were born, it would have been perfect. The cats love it and I don't mind them using it. It just means I have to wash Oskar's blankets every day, but since I do eleventy-three loads of laundry every week it's hardly any extra work.

Things are much quieter and mostly back to normal now that all the kittens have been adopted. The cats are still on kitten food but I see that Ostara at least is finally putting on some weight again. Now I can slowly move them back to regular cat food. After their babies were born both mama's got so skinny as they used all their calories caring for their babies and nursing them. They had unlimited food and it was kept out 24/7 but they just burned everything off. Now they aren't as active since they aren't herding kittens anymore, and while they will always be slim cats, that is just their breed, I'm glad to see Ostara getting a little weight on her. Hecate is, too, just not as much. But that is how it was before they got pregnant. Even though they are sisters, Ostara was always the bigger one.  

Most importantly- I can finally remember what it was like to breathe and smell again! It's not all back, I am still allergic to the cats and dog, but with ten fewer cats in our house the difference is night and day. 

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