Monday, August 6, 2012

Blue Moons

We didn't miss the beautiful first full moon this month, just a few days ago, and we certainly won't be missing the second full moon this month, known as a Blue Moon, happening on the 31st! Alex likes to camp out in my bedroom on full moon nights so he can watch the moon from my window as he falls asleep.

We know Blue Moons aren't actually blue, but this is a great opportunity for kids to pursue their interest in astronomy! If Alex is so inclined, and if I know my son he will be, I'll be setting out resources so he can find out when the next Blue Moon will be (next year, August 21st!), and support him as he follows new paths of interest that result from his search (constellations? space travel? sun cycles? ocean tides? Chihuahuas? Who knows!!?).  

At daycare we'll be discussing moon cycles, and making some moon related art and crafts to keep their minds on the big event at the end of the month. Most nights here are really clear and warm, making moon viewing a fun family activity that doesn't cost a penny! 

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