Monday, August 27, 2012

Playing in the Rain

Being a dessert climate, it stays pretty dry through the year here and doesn't rain a whole lot. Last week we had a fantastic thunder and rain storm. I understand for most sane people this usually means staying inside and curling up with a book. But a Summer rain storm just calls to me! So just when the daycare kids (and Alex) started getting mopey faces, thinking they wouldn't get to play outside once the heavy rain started, I had everyone take off their socks and head for the door!!

The air was cooler, maybe in the 80's, instead of the 90's, for a change, and it was quite comfy outside. The rain was so heavy our road was like a little river in places. Nothing to cause danger to the wee ones, but enough to really get wet in.

I have to say- I needed to do a little coaxing for a couple of the kids because apparently playing in the rain was NOT something they felt was officially grown-up approved. The mixed looks of uncertainty and confusion, excitement, glee, 'my dream come true!', disbelief and those knowing 'Ms. Wendy's gone crazy!' looks on our way out the door were priceless. 

Splashing, running, stomping, and laughing. This is what being a kid (and a big kid) is all about! I'm sure my neighbors didn't know what to think of us. In my world, everyone should have been racing out of their homes to play in the puddles and the rain! This was fun!!  

Coming inside to dry off with big towels, the kids, even the ones who had been hesitant at first, had a blast that I hope they'll get to repeat again soon. 

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