Thursday, September 6, 2012

Investigating Bread

Today the daycare kiddos and I investigated the ingredients of bread! 

First I asked what THEY thought was in bread. They knew bread wasn't made from silly things like toys or socks. Most knew bread came from wheat or other grains, and maybe being from a farming community helped in that aspect, too. 

At my house we eat bread with lots of seeds, so the kids knew our bread had those, too. I used our doodle draw to illustrate the ingredients as we went. I love the doodle draw!

Naturally, any investigation of food REQUIRES taste testing. It's just good scientific practice. 

We are 'Daves Killer Bread' fanatics. It's organic, the ingredients are all things I am comfortable with, and it is packed with whole grains and seeds, so it's really texture-y. And best of all, their tag line is "Just say no to bread on drugs!". Love them!!

You can see by my professional illustrations on the doodle draw that the ingredients list is pretty basic- wheat, seeds, fruit juices, oats, sea salt, and yeast (not pictured because I have no idea how to draw yeast! haha). NO cane juice, no high fructose anything, no corn anything, and absolutely no GMOs.  

While the kiddos were eating and investigating, I asked them if they could find the ingredients in their bread. We could definitely find the seeds and the oats, since they are whole. 

Then I asked if they could taste the ingredients they couldn't see. I asked them to close their eyes while they chewed to see if they could detect any of the fruit flavors, sea salt or wheat. 

Some said they could, others no, but they all tried to taste them, which was important (and cute). 

Either way it helped them think about what is in their food a little different, and if you catch your child at the table chewing with his eyes closed, you might imagine he is carefully examining ingredients with his tongue!   

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