Friday, September 21, 2012

Tubb's Berry Farm Fall 2012 Trip

I took Alex and the daycare kiddos to visit our favorite berry farm this morning. Raspberries are what they grow in late Summer/early Fall, and they just opened the rows for picking.

Alex ate about a third of what we picked on the way home since he skipped breakfast. I'll freeze most of the rest and use them for our green smoothies. Yum!

We used old milk jugs with a side cut out like a scoop and a rope strung through the handle to tie around our waist as carriers for the berries as we picked. Alex used a small one and I had a full gallon size. The farm supplies these for you! 

Here are a few of the animals we said hi to as we walked around the fields. The middle picture are the baby turkeys we visited in the Spring, only they are almost all grown up now!

I also picked up a big jar of raw organic honey and a lotion bar. This honey is my favorite flavor of theirs (they have several). Its got a little zing to it! It's from wildflowers, clover, and mint blossoms in and around Rock Creek Canyon, and you can actually taste a subtle minty aftertaste (or it could be my imagination). 

The lotion bar is a first for me, and I can't wait to try it. It's handmade on the farm with only natural ingredients and zero chemicals. It has beeswax, sweet almond, apricot, avocado and coconut oil, honey, and essential oils that are healing for skin- palmarosa and geranium.  

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