Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rhyme Time at the Library

For the little ones who attend on Mondays we often get to make it to the library's Rhyme Time. It's a half hour story time with two or three rhyming books, with some hand claps, feet stomps and songs worked in. Alex loves this time because he gets the rest of the downstairs library to himself usually, as all the kids are in here. So he brings a pile of books and spreads out to read to his little heart's desire.

Getting ready for story time... Taytum goes right up to the storyteller to be her assistant.

Today's theme was about dragons!

Here we are doing a ditty about dragons.

At the end the storyteller hands out coloring pages with a dragon on it, and thanks Taytum for being her helper.

Then we mingle in the puzzle room for a bit afterwards (aka the after party). 

Going up! The elevator ride is the best part!

If you want to be a dragon song...

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