Friday, April 26, 2013

Kamron's 5th Birthday Party

Earlier this month Kamron turned 5 years old, and his family celebrated with a party! 

Kamron opening presents.

Kam's mom made this awesome spiderman cake. Actually the whole family took the day off from work and school that Friday and they all worked on the cakes and decorations together. How fun! 

Getting ready for the pinata. 

Pinata carnage.

Alex stuffing a mangled donkey leg full of booty.

Alex sharing some of his bounty with Kamron. Unlike my child who was raised by wolves, Kamron   sweetly picked up the few pieces of candy that landed by his feet, but didn't dive into the candy pit like some.

Alex with his winnings. I was thinking of how I could convince him to leave it there. No such luck it turns out.

Kamron and his mommy, Tabitha!

Kamron, Ethan & Elijah.

Dad helping to slice and serve the cake.

Desiree, Ethan and Elijah enjoying their delicious cake. 


The boss, aka Dean, and his hog. 

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