Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alex at the Dentist

Last week Alex had a dentist appointment to evaluate a chipped molar.

Alex getting his bite wings for x-rays. 

This Alex's full mouth x-ray. Look at all those permanent teeth ready to pop through!

Jace was kind enough to come with us to Alex's appointment and had fun in the playspace. He also chatted up the dentists and hygienists, complete with dramatic hand gestures to emphasize his point, like they were all old friends and he was there everyday. Jace thought Alex's x-rays looked like a monster, while I saw only cuteness. 

No cavities, and the chipped tooth is scheduled to come out on it's own in June or July, according to his psychic dentist, so we didn't need to do anything for it except let nature take it's course. Yay! 

Alex DOES need to brush better, though, and hopefully that will improve, but so far he's cavity free and going strong with straight (thankfully) teeth, like his mama. 

One thing I was dreading, because this is a new dentist for us, was going through the song and dance about no unnecessary x-rays, no fluoride  no chemicals, etc. But I was so pleasantly surprised that they were right there with me and didn't need explanations or justification. No one tried to talk me into anything and they respected my decisions, which meant I felt free to approve x-rays this once. They have plenty of non-fluoride and anesthetic alternatives available so I feel comfortable with his care there. I'm so glad we found this dentist. I admit I was procrastinating because I really expected a fight. We are so used to open-minded & holistic style doctors back home and I thought for sure I would run into old-school mindedness and sneers at my hippie ways here. I guess I worried for nothing! 

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