Monday, May 6, 2013

Herrett Center Camp-In

Alex eating bagels for breakfast at the science museum camp-in.

150 kids attended between grades 3-5. They chose between 17 different science workshops to attend on the college campus in real classrooms, had a show and workshop at the planetarium, visited the observatory where Alex got to see Saturn and it's rings through the telescope, and had a midnight scavenger hunt. Of course they had a bazillion chaperones (background checked and screened) to supervise. 

For sleeping, the kids were divided into groups and slept in the different museum exhibits. How cool is that?! I thought the kids who slept in the dinosaur exhibit were probably pretty excited- or scared. There is a giant wooly mammoth skeleton along with several other dinosaur skulls and remains.

Camping in the art exhibit.

This was the primitive weapons exhibit. Arrowheads, spears, knives, etc. 

Alex was in the purple room, or the fishing exhibit. He got to camp out in the smaller movie room with a couple of friends, so they had their own little private hideaway which was fun.

Sorry for the blur. Alex saying good-bye to his camping buddy.

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