Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recycling Packing Paper

This week Desiree (Ethan and Elijah's mom) and I were talking about all the great things we use our Amazon packing paper for. It's that brown roll of kraft paper that never seems to get damaged no matter how mean you are to it. It's tough paper. I'm assuming it's made out of the tears of steel workers or something of that caliber.


Last month when I was wrapping Alex's birthday gifts I decided to reuse the packing paper instead of buying a gift bag or gift wrap (save the trees!). It was pretty wrinkly because the daycare kiddos and the kitties had been playing with it for a couple of weeks, but that just made it more pliable, so I was still good. I hand wrote a song I love all over the paper with hearts.  

It's not fancy, but he loved it and didn't want to throw it away. I'm glad I didn't do the commercial wrapping affair, and I feel better knowing I extended the life of our packing paper. 

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