Saturday, May 11, 2013

The (almost) Best Ice

Those who know me know I heart IKEA like most people heart their spouse. I would marry it if I could. One of the things I love about IKEA is their ice. It so good and soft and crunchy and everything perfect in the world. I love to eat ice all the day long. And the ice has to be juuuust right to make the cut. I actually soften my ice at home to exactly the right consistency of slushy and crunchy every day. I am a bona fide ice connoisseur. I knows me some goods ice. 

When we moved to Idaho and away from our beloved IKEA, I wasn't able to get my ice on every few times a week. So when my now dear friend Desi told me about the ice at Sonic I was astounded I hadn't known about it before. We don't usually go to fast food places, so I would probably never have learned about this on my own. I am eternally grateful to her!!

Look at those beautiful ice chunks!

The ice is almost very nearly as good as IKEA, but IKEA is my first love and you know no one can ever take the place of that so I have to rate Sonic's ice as the second best ice EVER! 

You can buy it for about $2 in bags and take it home!! Last night we stopped by Sonic and bought enough bags to fill the side freezer, literally. Alex couldn't shut the door so we had to eat half a bag then and there just to get it all to fit. :-) If you love ice and live far away from a IKEA I highly recommend visiting a Sonic and picking some up for yourself!

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