Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adding Magic People and Accessories

This week the kids asked me for play wands. They have been using the wooden spoons from the play kitchen to flourish about while saying 'Abracadabra!". 

The wands were already in the works, along with other magic elements so I was pleased to hear the kids ask for them. I purchased the materials for the wands a couple of weeks ago and I hope to get those done by the weekend. 

Also started this week is our gnome family. Later I'll add a gnome house, and then wizard hats possibly to go with the wands. 

After the gnomes and wands, I have plans to make superhero capes in rainbow colors, enough so each child has one cape if they want, plus matching masks. This will all be added in the next few weeks to enrich our dramatic play materials. 

Here is the first gnome we made today. This was my test gnome, actually, to figure out what pattern I wanted to settle on, so I used a color I didn't care about to start with knowing I'd need to do some trial and error. I planned to make rainbow gnomes, and this guy is more a forest green, so maybe he'll end up being part of a woodland gnome set, instead of the rainbow gnomes in brighter colors. :-)  

I had not planned to do anything decorative for this one since he was my test subject, but I decided to add a rough blanket stitch and some embroidery accents to liven it up a bit and see what it looked like. Not bad I think!

The gnome is so cute and I can't wait to add the rest, though for the first rainbow set I want them very simple and later as we add more I'll dress them up a bit more.  

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