Friday, July 12, 2013

Ostara's New Litter

The babies have all arrived and are doing fantastic!

4 healthy babies arrived today between 10am-2:30pm.

Three are gray and black. One is all white. Right now I am not handling the kittens much, so it will be a little longer yet before we'll know the sexes. 

Already the white one has asserted itself and is the more vocal among them and the more fiesty, pushing the others out of the way for a feeding spot. Even though there are nine nipples to choose from, she seems to think they are all hers. 

Ostara did so well. She delivered silently with no fuss. Her labor lasted from 8am to 2:45/3pm. She wouldn't let me leave her, even dragging one partially delivered baby with her to race after me when I tried to leave once. She was very adamant that I stay right with her through the whole process. Alex, the stinker, slept right through it because he stayed up aaalllllllll night. 

Ostara seemed a bit panicky the first time all the babies squealed and wanted her. She kept looking to me to do something, lol. She's nursing wonderfully now and caring for her babies with motherly affection. She trusts me and Alex to be near them, and occasionally leaves the  box to come get loves and cuddles from us. 

Hecate is set to deliver next week. Both of the cats and all the kittens will be getting fixed when they are done nursing in a couple months. Once the kittens are recovered and have had their first round of vaccinations they will be ready for adoption.

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