Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fresh Picked Garden Tomatoes

The wonderful Henriikka, who I say is wonderful because she is like superwoman. She has a potty training toddler, a newborn, a job, a husband, two giant bear dogs, goes camping (with newborn!) and finds time to garden!

Henriikka is one of my lovely daycare moms, and she generously shared some of her beautiful garden tomatoes with us this morning! Don't they look just fabulous!!? 

Thank you, Henriikka!

Levi helped me choose just the right color bowl for the tomatoes ('Levi, should we use a blue bowl?' 'Nooo'. 'Should we use the red bowl?' 'NoOoo'. 'Should we use the GREEN bowl?' YEEEES!!'), and went to work unloading the bag of goodies he and his mom brought.

We go through tomatoes like candy at my house. I put them in JUST about every single thing I make. Except maybe oatmeal. Or ice cream. That would be wrong.

Being from the South, I should have been raised with fried green tomatoes. But sadly I was not. The deprivation of experiencing fried tomatoes was an oversight I corrected as an adult this past year when I discovered them for the first time. YUM! does not describe how wonderful these snacks are (are they meant to be a side dish...?). If you've never tried them you should, just to say you have. But if you like fried things (and I do) you might develop a taste for them. We don't do too much frying in my house anymore, but on special occasions I fry my little heart out. Either way, these juicy fruits will be greatly enjoyed!

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