Friday, December 7, 2012

Table Settings

We aren't much for standing on ceremony in my home. We drink out of mason jars, for crying out loud. But there are occasions when I wish I had attended the Ms. Manners Etiquette School, like every year when I went with Paul, Alex's dad, to his annual fancy bankers dinner, and there were like 22 pieces of flatware around my plate (well, it felt like there were that many) and I just wanted to eat a salad- but with which fork? OMG- crisis!! So, when I came upon this table setting tutorial photo I knew I would never again need to feel insecure at a dinner party. 

It feels awfully silly to me sometimes that people even care about things like this, but I found you care an awful lot when it's you sitting in front of a setting like the ones above and having no clue.  For reals, ya'll. Chalk it up to my redneck upbringing, but the best dinners I've had with family and friends have been those where the plates don't match, the glasses are old jelly jars, the food is laid out buffet style, and you rinse off your fork in the kitchen sink when it's time to eat desert.  :-)   Good times.

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