Friday, December 14, 2012

Yummies I've Been Working On

Last weekend Alex had an early holiday gift-giving with his dad, Paul, since he lives out of state. So, I whipped up some homemade treats to help make their weekend a little more special.

Here is some really, really good fudge syrup, that wasn't supposed to be syrup. I was actually trying my hand (and failing- again) at fudge but it just never quite got there. So I turned my lemons into Hot Fudge Syrup. Fabulous, right? Yay me! 

And this baby here is my favorite pie ever. Besides my mother's no-bake chocolate-oatmeal-peanut butter cookies recipe (which everyone and their mother has) this is the only thing I can bake that turns out well every time. It's Peach Cream pie, y'all. And I know that's not very holiday-y but I figured since it has nutmeg and allspice it's at least a distant cousin to traditional holiday baked goods and is welcome at my house. 

We also made some gingerbread cookies but I wasn't able to photograph them before Alex ate them all. Oh well. They were pretty darling. Luckily I have plans to make another batch next week. :-)

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