Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kale Salad

Some of the goals of the snack station are to encourage self help skills and healthy food choices. The snack station gives the kids more control over when and how much they eat. Often it's a party tray or smorgasbord of many different things, but today it was something simple like our Kale Salad. 

The salad itself is very basic, but with lots of good things in it- tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and kale. I used a simple oil and vinegar dressing with a little fresh parmesan to give it some flavor. Is this their favorite? Of course not! :-) But they do readily eat it and like to talk about the things in their salad while they share a healthy meal together with friends, and that is a positive and healthy food experience that I am glad they get to have. 


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