Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking the Kittens Outside

Yesterday we took the kittens outside for some fresh air and sunshine for the first time since they were born. You can see one of the momma cats in the picture above keeping a close eye on them all.

It was so cute to see them exploring on the grass and having a new sensory experience.

The kids really enjoyed being able to hold them finally and watch them move around more freely.

Momma Ostara was very anxious while the kittens were out, even though she was with them, she made it clear to me she didn't think they were ready to be out there and wanted them back in pronto. In fact, it made her so nervous, that when they all were back inside, safely in their room, she continued to call for them and insisted on being let back outside several times to double, triple, quadruple check the yard and bushes to make sure they were ALL back inside, and none had been left behind. Who knew animal mommas could worry so obsessively- just like human mommas! 

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