Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rainbow Tires

Last week I finally started on painting the tires we had collected. All of these were free from craigslist and I am hoping to find more free ones. I don't have all the colors I envisioned, I am limited by how many tires I have for now. But I would love more and especially am keeping my eyes open for used/junk tractor tires so we can have different sizes and lots more colors. For now we have yellow, bright green, blue, aqua, orange/pink, and purple. 

The kids absolutely LOVE them. They now spend most of their time playing on them and I am so glad I got it finished while we still had a good chunk of summer left.

Still coming in time for Fall, is the new mud kitchen, sound garden (outdoor music station) and in the works are plans for a small dry creek and sand area, but that may wait until Spring.

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