Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Harvest Week Celebration

Last week we celebrated the Autumn Equinox with a Harvest Week Celebration, and a Harvest Feast!

Of course we had to decorate and add some festive harvest decor!

I drove an hour and a half round trip to get these great corn stalks. It was worth the trip!

All the large pumpkins pictured are from our pumpkin patch! Aren't they beauties?!

One of the crafts the kids made last week were napkin holders using fall colored beans and pasta. 

This is one of the place mats I made for the feast. Each child had their own using a picture I took that week. These were the cutest turkeys I've ever seen!

Fall themed games with leaves and pumpkins featured heavily through the week.

Some of the families brought in their harvest shares this week. Here's is a wonderful squash from Eric's garden. I can't wait to replant the seeds!

For the feast, everyone brought a locally grown garden fresh harvest dish to share. It was sublime!

Henriikka and Eric brought cheesy potatoes, using fresh potatoes from their garden, with a side of homemade salsa using fresh veggies and peppers form their garden. 

Laura and Joel brought a homemade raspberry cheeescake using fresh raspberries from Laura's dad's garden.

Jessica brought homemade applesauce and zucchini bread, while Kaelonnie brought homemade apple butter to spread on the bread, made by Tayson's grandmother.

Zach and Desi brought us fresh salad with garden tomatoes, a wonderful variety of veggies including bell peppers, apples, carrots and zucchini, with delicious hummus dip. 

Liz and Brad brought devilled eggs using fresh eggs from a local farm.

The kids were all so excited about the feast. They loved talking about what each person brought as they were eating and loved knowing where their food came from. Liz even included a whole egg to show the kids from the farm!

The feast and the whole week were so much fun to celebrate. Thank you to all of my families for your participation and help to make our feast such a success!

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