Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Updates...

Yikes! It's been a while again since I was here. I have such a hard time sitting down and really keeping up on blogging. Not like I ever did it much anyway but the commitment to blog daily or even weekly is significant. My hats off to those folks out there who stay so dedicated to keeping their blog fresh.

Well, we finally found a home for our last kitten. Alex named him Zeus. And he was most certainly a Zeus. He was so soft and fuzzy. But he's in a great home where he'll be loved and now we are down to just our two original momma cats, Hecate and Ostara. I can't believe the kittens are 17 weeks old now. 

Lots of kiddos out sick with colds and coughs the past few weeks, so it's been a skeleton crew as it were for many of the days. But we've had loads of fun and have even been able to take a couple field trips recently. We got to visit Jump Time, the new trampoline place in town, and we enjoyed last Friday's story time at the Library. Here they are with the turkey at the library-

Outside at the city park, Elise climbs the curvy ladder- she was not convinced it was a good idea, though. But when she made it to the top she decided to do a happy dance instead of cry. Yay for 'Lisy!!

Brookie (below) collecting baby pine cones to bring back for our discovery table.

A funny little squirrel played around us on our jaunt through the park as we searched for leaves and acorns.

Alex and Ollie on the stage. Alex is pretending to sing opera and loving the big open space to perform his own little concert. 

Oh Yes- Levi turned a big giant 4 years old this month! He had a fun pirate themed party to celebrate, and Henriikka made him this awesome skull and cross bones cake.

levi wanted nothing more than for it to be time to open his presents.. Oskar had fun standing on them (background). :-)

The pirate ship pinata was a great end to the celebration.

This was something we saw at the recent harvest celebration at the expo center. Tree slices turned into animal ornaments. I snapped a pic so I could remember to try to make these with the kiddos for the holidays. 

And Alex (below) learning about the process of making apple juice.

The kiddos at mat time. This is when they select a puzzle or developmental toy to work on individually on their mats. 

Last week I worked with the kids on some fine motor games. This was a favorite one- picking up wooden blocks with tongs. Fun! they asked to do it again and again.

Jump Time

Alex jumping in the foam pit. That is his favorite area when we visit.

Elise and Ollie (below) had fun on the trampolines and bouncy slides.

Here some of the kiddos are playing restaurant and cafe. They created a menu and took turns ordering food, being the chef and the server. 

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